New Lagoon 450 Sport Top

Lagoon 450 S ,  sport top !


Replacing a catamaran that has come to be seen as a benchmark is no easy task. But the VPLP architects, in partnership with Lagoon and the celebrated Nauta Design studio, have been brilliantly successful in creating the Lagoon 450.

The Lagoon 450 is now available in 2 versions: FlyBridge or SporTop

Lagoon 450: seeing bigger

  • in terms of accommodation
  • deck areas
  • facilities
  • performance

Lagoon expertise

  • infusion-moulding: weight saving (important for a catamaran), best possible structure, protection for the environment and shipyard workers
  • interior joinery in Alpi® reconstituted wood in the interests of sustainable development (choice of finishes: light oak or teak)
  • vertical glazing for better protection against the sun, optimisation of space and headroom
  • gull-wing bridge deck for greater comfort in heavy seas
  • VPLP design: a guarantee of performance under sail!
  • and the Nauta Design touch for elegance and comfort

Above decks

  • the cabin-top design creates a more elegant and punchier roof outline
  • a large sunbathing area on the cabintop
  • the sail areas are the same with the FlyBridge version. However, the lower mast and boom:
      - reduces pitching
      - makes the boom easier to access
  • the cabintop bulkhead fitted steering position fitted on the cabin-top aft bulkhead includes the following:
      - all maneuvers
      - integrated large helm station seat
      - access from the cockpit and the deck
      - an optional extra safety system is also offered, with a tilting composite beam (optional) to close off the steering station in bad weather
      - a composite bimini above steering area is available as an option

Below decks

  • interior design by Nauta: elegance and functionality
  • saloon and cabins exceptionally well lit
  • natural light in cabins thanks to large glazed panels on hulls
  • truly luxurious owner's cabin
  • comfortable guest cabins with a side access to the double bed
  • "U"-shaped galley for greater comfort at sea, equipped with large hot plates, broad work space and plenty of storage
  • optimization of the access between the cockpit and the galley
  • engine compartments remote from the living areas and perfectly insulated








Disegni tecnici



Scheda tecnica

Architetti   Marc Van Peteghem
Vincent Lauriot Prévost
Lunghezza   13,96 m
Lunghezza al galleggiamento   13,38 m
Larghezza   7,84 m
Altezza della testa d'albero   23,05 m
Pescaggio   1,30 m
Dislocamento (norme CE)   16,9 t
Randa steccata full batten   82,50 m²
Randa steccata full batten, testa quadra (opzione)   85 m²
Genoa rullafiocco   51,80 m²
Acqua   2 x 175 l
Carburante diesel   2 x 500 l
Motorizzazione standard   2 x 40 CV
Ebanisteria e materiali superfici   Alpi "rovere" chiaro , paglioli laminati antisdrucciolo colore wengé
Certificazione CE   A: 12 ; B: 14 ; C: 20 ; D: 30

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